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Make A Memory (Lost, Kate/Juliet), NC-17

Title: Make a Memory
Author: fierce_desea
Pairing: Kate/Juliet
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Word Count: 952
Spoilers: 3.23 Through the Looking Glass, future fic
Lyric Prompt: You need to let me know/Are you leaving or are you going to stay
Author’s Note: First Kate/Juliet fic. It’s also my first fic in about 6 months, as well as first Lost fic in an even longer time, so I might be a little rusty. And yes, the title is from that new Bon Jovi song, (You Want To) Make A Memory. I just thought it fit. Anyways, enjoy and comments are always appreciated!

You remember the night that you were handcuffed to her, after she dislocated your shoulder. You hated her at the moment but were intrigued by the frustration of one woman. She held you in her arms for a few moments to help you get through the pain, and when she let go, you let your lips touch hers. You knew that it was a stupid move and that she would probably try to find some way to get the handcuffs off. But she didn’t. She kissed you back.

As the next week passed by, you two let this love/hate relationship unfold, occasionally meeting in the jungle for a rough fuck or just to talk. No one knew of it except for you two. Most people thought that the only relationship you two would ever have would be one of hate.

Then the day came. You heard through the walkie that a freighter was coming to rescue you all. You were so happy, but at the same time, you realized something inside. Kate wouldn’t go with you to the outside. This was probably just something she decided to do on the island, and she would leave you for probably forever.

When some of the fellow castaways arrived back in Los Angeles, you all hugged and exchanged information to keep in contact (although it was difficult considering that you had been gone for over three years and most of them for over three months). But when you hugged Kate, you didn’t want to let go but you knew that you would have to. Luckily, she held on for just a bit longer before leaving with Sawyer.

A month went by. You were alone in your new apartment in Miami, after spending the first month at your sister’s house, catching up lost time with her and your nephew. But now there was no one else with you, so you just looked out the window at the ocean. You could never look at the ocean again without thinking about the island. And often, if you thought about the island, you thought of her.

Kate, who had been cleared of all charges after having to endure life on the island, was probably with Sawyer, trying to make things work with him. She was probably trying to figure out what to do now that she didn’t have to run. And she was probably not thinking about you.

Or at least that was what you thought.

When you heard the doorbell buzz, you pressed it, expecting maybe an old friend or the like. You did not expect to hear her voice. “Can I come up?”

You whispered, trying to hide the shock and happiness, “Of course.”

When you opened the door, you locked her into your embrace and didn’t want to let go. But then you did, just like you did in Los Angeles. “Why are you here, Kate?”

“I had to keep running until I found what I needed.”

Your lips finally got to touch hers once again. Your tongue intertwined with hers, her mouth tasting sweeter than when you last kissed. You pulled off her tank top to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. You touched her nipples gently, then squeezing them underneath your touch before pushing her against the nearest wall of your living room. You could have taken this slow, but that was never the way it was between you two.

You kissed her lips, her neck, and eventually her breasts. Then you got to those nipples and bit them, trying to hurt her for leaving you, even if only for awhile. But you knew that she liked it by the way she moaned as you sucked and bit harder. Your lips let go as they traveled further south, Kate’s moans urging you on. You unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them off with urgency. You wanted this to happen so much but you also didn’t want it to end.

Her panties were soaked as you pulled them off. You licked her clit, causing her to shake before wrapping her leg around your head. You stuck one finger in, teasing her, before surprising her with three fingers, pumping in and out as you sucked on her clit. You licked down her slit and back up as you felt her getting closer. You wanted to tease her more before she came but at the same time, you wanted to feel her release so with one last thrust, she came.

You moved back up her body before kissing her lips again. There she stood, naked, exposed to you while your dress was still stuck to your body. After she recovered from the afterglow, she ran her hand up your leg, your breathing becoming quicker as she moved further north to where you needed to be touched the most. She didn’t even tease; she just pushed her fingers into you as she bit down on your collarbone.

Now you were up against the wall as Kate fucked you, your dress still on even though it felt like it wasn’t. You didn’t realize how quickly you would come to her touch but then you did, screaming similar to the way you did on the island when she put your shoulder back into place, but this time out of pleasure, not pain.

Later that evening, you were out of your dress and lying against her still naked body. You kissed her neck before asking, “Have you stopped running?”

Kate closed her eyes and whispered, “I hope so.”

It wasn’t the first time she had run to Miami, but as you closed your own eyes, you felt inside that she wouldn’t be running away from here—at least not anytime soon.


It was great, I really like it. I hope you'll write more :)
Aww, thanks!! Maybe I will, I don't know yet. :)
Really, really nice. I love them as a pairing and hope there is more fic to come.
Thanks. :) I love them too and maybe there will be more fic.
it was really good :)
Thanks! :)
Aw, I really loved this! The sex was really hot and I loved the ending.
Thanks dear!! I'm glad to hear that you loved it since I love all of your New Jate fics!! But yay! Thanks again.

Re: omg

Aww, thanks!!

I might. :D
dude. i don't know how in the world i missed this, but i'm glad i found it now! :)
very nice fic - i like it a lot.

my favourite line was: “I had to keep running until I found what I needed.”
i thought it summed up kate in a nutshell.
I'm glad you found it too! :) Thanks!!!

I guess that does sum up Kate in a nutshell. But yay!! I'm happy that you liked that line and the fic.