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What Would Happen (Meredith/Addison), NC-17

Title: What Would Happen
Author: fierce_desea
Pairings: Meredith/Addison
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete, but could be continued.
Word Count: 424
Spoilers: None
Summary: What would happen if they kissed?
Author’s Note: I decided to go with the crowd and write some Meredith/Addison in second person. I’ve never written anything in second person before, so I hope I didn’t fail miserably. This was also a first for some other things (like this being short ;)). Oh, and the title comes from Meredith Brooks’ song What Would Happen. Enjoy and comments are love. <3

You walked into the bar, expecting it to be just a normal night at Joe’s. But then you sat next to her. Your body just seemed to fall into place on the bar stool next to hers. You started to giggle at her jokes. And when she commented, although with alcohol noticeable in her voice, about how she loved your red hair, you felt your cheeks flush almost to that same color. You smiled as you drank your martini and felt the room begin to feel stuffy when she put her hand on your leg.

You didn’t expect your eyes to meet hers. You didn’t know why you couldn’t speak. You didn’t know why Joe gave both of you the strangest look. You didn’t know why you kissed her. But you did know that you loved it.

You felt various people looking at you, including colleagues, but you didn’t care. Once you broke the kiss, you took her hand and walked out of the bar.

You knew something was coming as the cab driver drove you both to the trailer. You knew what it was, but tried to act like it wasn’t affecting you. She was trying to do the same.

When you both arrived at the trailer, you didn’t know whose lips touched the others first, but you knew that they touched. You pulled her top off without effort, although she had trouble with yours. But both of your pants came off with ease.

You loved the feeling of her hot breath against your neck and especially your breasts. You loved the feeling of your fingers inside her, her hips jerking up at every thrust. You loved when she came all over your fingers. You loved seeing her face as she came. You loved how she wanted to give you the same pleasure in return, except with her tongue. You loved how her tongue felt against your clit and when it dipped inside you. You loved the feeling when you came; since it was like no other orgasm you had had before. Especially since it happened more than once.

You licked her lips, wanting to continue, but then you heard something. The trailer door opened. It was him.

Your hands were touching her breasts, her hands were tangled in your hair, and he just looked at both of you. You could tell he wanted to join in, but for some reason, you didn’t want him to. You wanted her all to yourself. You could even tell that that was what she wanted too.
Tags: addison/meredith, fic, grey's anatomy

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