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Breaking Tradition (Grey's Anatomy, Callie/Erica), NC-17

Title: Breaking Tradition
Author: fierce_desea
Pairing: Callie/Erica
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Word Count: 1344
Spoilers: 4.16/4.17 Freedom
Summary: They weren’t going to carry on the Seattle Grace tradition of having sex in on-call rooms…at least not at first.
Author’s Note: I haven’t posted a fic in like 6 months, so I’m not as confident about this as I would like to be. But I hope you enjoy, and comments are appreciated!

When you found her in the on-call room, she was sound asleep. You knew she had had a long night of surgeries. Trying not to wake her, you moved to her side and unsure but at the same time knowing, you wrapped your arm around her waist and put your hand over hers. You closed your eyes, hoping to get some sleep beside her, but within minutes or seconds, you weren’t quite sure, you felt her hand squeeze yours.

You squeezed back before kissing her on the cheek, which led to a kiss on her mouth. Not before long, you allowed your tongue to slip through your lips to touch hers and soon felt her tongue. As the kissing continued, you could feel her run her hand down your side, stopping at your hip. She eventually sat up, not groggy at all, as her hand moved up toward your breast.

You could feel your heartbeat speeding up, both from her touch and your nervousness. You wanted this; you knew that. Although she was kissing down your neck toward your collarbone, you could tell she was hesitant in regard to her next move, as she sensed your nervousness. But you took it into your own hands as you pulled off your scrub top.

She took the initiative next as her kisses went down your chest as she was about to remove your bra. But she was interrupted by a pager beeping loudly on the floor. Unsure whose it was, since both of your pagers were on the floor, she reached first. It was hers. She sighed and said, “Well, we probably shouldn’t continue with Seattle Grace tradition. At least not right now.”

You laughed. She was talking about the unspoken tradition of doctors at Seattle Grace having sex in on-call rooms. But having sex in the on-call room was what you did, although she was probably right. There was the opportunity that night when you two went out to dinner after both your shifts ended. But could you wait until then? You guessed that you would have to.

She pulled her blonde hair back into a ponytail to see what trauma needed such urgent attention. She gave you a quick but strong kiss before leaving the on-call room. But she didn’t leave before saying, “I’ll see you tonight.”

Once the door closed, you put your scrub top back on. You had a couple hours before your next surgery, so you thought it would probably be a good idea to sleep, especially since Erica wasn’t there to stop you.


Although at first unsure what to expect, you enjoyed your dinner with her. It felt like the times that you went out to dinner with her before, but there was something different. You were guessing it was probably the sexual tension.

You smiled at her across the table as she talked, hoping that she didn’t notice the desire in your eyes, but at the same time hoping that she noticed how much you wanted to take off her blouse and see her breasts underneath.

The dinner didn’t last as long as the previous ones had, probably because you both stopped talking sooner. As you left the restaurant, you grabbed her hand, and she knew where to go—her apartment. It was a lot better idea than going to Cristina’s, where you didn’t exactly have a bedroom and then there was Cristina’s stalkerish thing toward Erica…well that and the fact that she didn’t exactly know about you two yet.

After she unlocked her door, you gently pushed her into the apartment, kissing her as you took off the trenchcoat she always seemed to wear. You ran your hands over her breasts before she took off your jacket and your top. There was no pager (hopefully…there better not be a Seattle disaster right now) to interrupt her. As her kisses went down your collarbone, she got to your bra and looked right into your eyes before continuing to unhook it. Looking at you as she kissed down from your collarbone to your breasts, you let out a gasp as she started to suck your nipples.

You felt around for something to lean against, but then she guided you to her couch. Before going back to your nipples, she kissed you again. When her lips continued to suck on your nipples, you started to moan louder and louder. This felt so right. What felt even more right was when she started to move one of her hands, which had formerly been on your hip, lower. You smiled, getting more and more aroused, as she unbuttoned your pants and took off your panties.

She slipped one finger inside you at first, to test the waters so to speak, which caused to you to say, while groaning, “Oh, Erica…”

She fingered you with just that one finger at first, knowingly teasing you, before she put two more in. You felt like you could come right then, but then she kissed her way down from your breasts to your clit. It was only within seconds before you knew that this was better than any oral sex that you had before. Especially when you came not longer after, with her fingers pumping in and out of you.

She kissed her way back up your body before stopping on your chest.

“Was that good?” she asked with her voice even more heavy than usual.

“What do you think?” you replied before taking off that blouse that you felt like you had wanted to take off for hours. She smiled before you brought her into another kiss, sitting up.

You ran your hand down from the top of her hair down her back until you reached her bra. You found the clasp and tried to unhook it, thinking it was easy, just like any other bra. But it didn’t seem to be working. Maybe it was how much you wanted to get it off.

She broke the kiss and laughed that full laugh of hers. You laughed along with her, “I’m new to this.”

“I know,” she said, before taking off her own bra. That made things easier.

As the laughter died down, you cupped her left breast with your hand. She closed her eyes, enjoying your touch on her bare skin. You could feel your heart pounding faster, but then you just went for it and kissed her breast. Once your lips surrounded her left nipple, your heart was still pounding faster, but no longer from nerves.

You pushed her down into the other side of the couch so you could have better access. One of your naked legs was in between hers, rubbing oh so slowly, and you could feel how wet and hot she was. You started to breathe harder as one of your hands found its way under her skirt’s hem and into her panties.

Touching her there felt good, especially as she moaned, but you weren’t quite sure what to do next. But then you just thought to do what you knew you liked, as your fingers started to play with her clit. You continued to rub her clit in quick circles with your thumb, as your other fingers entered inside her.

As you continued to finger her, you started to kiss her again, feeling her moans through the kiss as you kept speeding up. She stopped kissing you back briefly as she came, which allowed you to kiss her cheekbone as she rode out her orgasm.

She ran her hands through your hair as she said, “Now that was good.”

You smiled, before laughing. “Good to know that I didn’t fail at lesbian sex the first time.”

She laughed with you, before yawning. You could tell that you both wanted more, but you were both tired—from the sex, but also from work…which you would be having to go back to tomorrow.

While the two of you could sleep now, you two could always have sex later. There were on-call rooms after all. No sense breaking tradition now.
Tags: callie/erica, fic, grey's anatomy

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