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Another Secret (Desperate Housewives, Bree/Gabrielle), NC-17

Title: Another Secret
Author: fierce_desea
Pairings: Bree/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete but could be continued.
Word Count: 718
Spoilers: 8.02
Summary: After Bree discovers what Chuck knows, she visits Gabrielle and something unexpected happens.
Author’s Note: So I just wrote dirty Desperate Housewives smut. This totally came to mind at a random time and I finally wrote it in like a half hour. There’s not much DH femslash out there, at least not recently. Enjoy!

You didn’t know how it happened. One minute you were talking and the next you had your fingers inside Gabrielle Solis.

And she seemed to like having another woman’s fingers inside her.

“Oh, Bree!”

She moaned as you touched her the way you knew you like to be touched. That’s all you knew once she kissed you.

You had gone over to Gabby’s the morning after finding out Chuck’s own form of blackmail. She was the only one you could talk to about this.

You were on the verge of crying and none of the girls ever saw you cry. Gabrielle brought you into your arms, kissed your cheek, close to your mouth. You’re not sure who made the first move and then you two were kissing. Gabby’s tank top and pants was off and your fingers found their way into her panties.

It had to be because Gabrielle Solis has now been 40 days without sex. That had to be it. You tried to justify to yourself as you could sense your close friend, your best friend these days, so close to the edge.

But you knew that wasn’t it. Ever since Carlos found out about the true circumstances of his mother’s death, tension had grown between you and Gabby. You just didn’t realize it was also sexual tension even when you were having the emotional and everything but physical affair with Gabby.

Now you were having the physical affair with her. You pressed hard on her clit with one of your free fingers and you could feel her coming all over your hand and her panties, which for some reason never came off.

Once she came, you didn’t know what to expect. If for her, it was only to relieve sexual tension, that would be it. She would get dressed and you two would continue talking, Gabby likely drinking a lot of wine.

But that’s not what happened. Instead she removed your blouse and bra as you remained fully clothed. She kissed you on the mouth once more before moving down your neck to your now exposed breasts, where she briefly sucked your nipples, causing you to moan.

Even as you were enjoying the increasing sensations and how turned on you were by this, you kept thinking. Why was this happening? Why did you enjoy it so much? Why did Gabby enjoy it so much?

The questions stopped flooding your mind as Gabby pulled off your pants and panties while she still wore just her panties. She ran one of her legs between yours and you squirmed with pleasure at the direct contact. Soon enough, her fingers replaced her leg.

She didn’t go inside you, except for a finger here and there. It was all about your clit and soon enough, you came.

And then everything stopped. It felt like a good minute or so before Gabrielle brought you into a kiss but also embraced you at the same time. You could tell she had something to say but instead you just held each other.

Gabby looked at the clock. It was nearly 3 p.m. Her daughters would be home from school within the half hour. She had no idea when Carlos would be home but she knew he couldn’t see her cheating on him once more. And not just with the gardener anymore. With Bree, a woman Carlos had forbade his wife from seeing until she helped cover up the murder.

She continued to not say anything. She took off her panties but put her pants back on instead along with her tank top. It wasn’t like Carlos was going to see anything under her clothes anyways.

You sat on the couch, where this had all taken place, completely naked. You knew you should get dressed but for some reason, just couldn’t yet. Eventually Gabby looked at you and you put your clothes back on.

And now you two went back to talking and Gabby was drinking wine. You were so tempted to drink at this point, more than before, but you resisted. Neither of you spoke of what happened. It just did.

Yet you knew this wouldn’t be the last time. At least as long as you two could conceal this affair and not talk about it. To anyone. Not even each other.
Tags: bree/gabrielle, desperate housewives, fic
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