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And Surely That Ain't Right (Once Upon A Time, Regina/Emma), NC-17

Title: And Surely That Ain’t Right
Pairing: Regina/Emma (Swan Queen <3)
Rating: NC-17
Chapter: 1/? (Could have more if there’s interest)
Word Count: 1,644 (including some lyrics)
Summary: Regina wants to gain the upper hand in her battle with Emma. Songfic using Portishead’s “Roads.”
Spoilers: 1.11 Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
Author’s Note: After my Swan Queen obsession began, I heard one of my favorite songs and thought it would be a perfect songfic from Regina’s POV. It wasn’t until this week’s episode that my muse just struck me. I’m a bit nervous but also excited to write from Regina’s POV. Enjoy!

Ohh, can't anybody see
We've got a war to fight

Never found our way
Regardless of what they say

Miss Swan didn’t realize it but Madam Mayor was starting to use her like a toy, like every resident of Storybrooke. Miss Swan thought she was winning the battle, fighting the supposed evil.

Regina told Emma to stay away from her and Henry. But of course, there was a way for Emma to be close to them both again. It would add another layer to the intricate web Regina was creating.

She knew it was a dangerous line she was crossing, even for her. This wasn’t some man she could use as her slave; Emma Swan was the biological mother of her child.

That’s why she didn’t have Emma arrested. At least that’s what she was telling herself. She easily had the power to kick Emma out of town, what with breaking into her office and a number of other indiscretions. Regina could remove Miss Swan from her sheriff’s position and force her to leave but she didn’t.

The blonde was always pushing against her, resisting her. Regina thought she knew a way to keep the blonde in check, or at least, as much as possible.

How can it feel, this wrong
From this moment
How can it feel, this wrong

To make it appear like she was holding her word, Regina didn’t contact Emma for several days. Emma maintained her ground, finally registering the threat and knowing she could lose any connection she had to her son.

And then one morning, after Regina saw Mary Margaret leave the apartment, she implemented the next stage of her plan.

When she knocked on the door, she expected Emma to let her in.

“What do I owe this pleasure, Madam Mayor?” Emma asked. “I thought I was supposed to be staying away from you.”

“Miss Swan, as far as I can tell, you are,” Regina said. “I am the one approaching you.”

Emma paused, not knowing how to respond. She knew the mayor was up to something but she couldn’t place it. Not yet. She closed the door and waited for Regina to speak.

Before Regina could say anything else, she closed the space between her and Miss Swan. Emma appeared to be getting uncomfortable.

“You’re the sheriff of Storybrooke. You ought to be able to address the mayor as necessary without any threats…”

“What are you getting at?” Emma interrupted. Regina placed her hand on the wall behind Emma, further reducing the space between the two.

“I would like to propose a deal,” she said. “I won’t interfere with your life if you won’t with mine. I will let you conduct your business as sheriff and won’t pursue a restraining order. Ours would become more of a business relationship rather than a rivalry.”

Emma could read between the lines and knew the mayor wouldn’t stop investigating her nor would she stop being suspicious. “But isn’t that what we already have?”

“If that was what we had, dear, we wouldn’t have this issue,” Regina said.

“What about Henry?”

Regina paused. She hoped to avoid discussing her son but knew Emma would bring it up. “I still don’t want him around you, not until I can trust you … However, I can’t stop him from approaching you. I just don’t want you coming to my house unless I ask or you need to bring him back.”

She was conceding the fact her son loved to spend time with his biological mom as much as it hurt. Regina knew that for however long this feud continued, that fact wasn’t going to change.

“Now why are you negotiating with me?” Emma asked, the mayor still inches from her face.

“Why do you think, Miss Swan? I want us to have a business relationship,” she said.

Emma wasn’t sure what Regina meant by “business relationship” but she started to figure it out, catching the mayor’s dark eyes looking down her body.

The mayor, whose hand was still against the wall, dropped her hand through Emma’s hair until she reached her neck where she could feel the blonde’s pulse already racing. Her own heart was beating faster but she had to ignore her impulses, her desires until she got what she wanted. She wanted Emma completely under her control.

She ran her other hand down Emma’s side until she reached the hem of her pajama pants. She found no resistance from Emma. This was somewhat a surprise to Regina but also not. That was why Regina knew this plan would work.

“Miss Swan,” she said, hearing the blonde’s breath speed up as her hands went closer to her core. Her mouth was inches from Emma’s and her hand about to go inside her pants. “Now, do you agree to the terms of our arrangement?”

Emma tried to move her body even as the sensations started to build. She couldn’t agree to anything with Regina. But the mayor gripped her right hip and neck harder. “Why … would I do that … Madam Mayor?”

She released her grip from her neck. “Despite your appearance and former career as a bondswoman, you’re smart, Emma.” The blonde let out a faint gasp. “I’m sure you can figure it out.”

Both hands were on Emma’s hips at this point. Regina wanted to move her hands inside but knew she couldn’t. Not yet. She cupped Emma, feeling how wet she already was through panties and pajamas. “I can already tell, Miss Swan,” Regina said, going back to her accustomed name, “You can’t say no to this.”

Storm… in the morning light
I feel
No more can I say
Frozen to myself

Emma tried to push herself further back, almost forgetting there was a wall behind her. Regina created space, enough for her to go back to the blonde’s neck and lay one kiss there. She didn’t expect a muffled moan to escape Miss Swan’s mouth.

This gave Regina permission to move her hands inside Emma’s panties to which she moaned. As her fingers found her way to Emma’s clit, the blonde attempted to take control and kiss Regina.

She backed up, keeping her fingers on Emma. “You don’t get to kiss me, only I can kiss you.”

And Regina did. She could taste how hungry Emma was as she opened Regina’s mouth with her tongue. She allowed herself to touch the mayor, grabbing her hair as she kissed. That little ounce of control, Regina could relinquish. But not for long. She entered three fingers into Emma who broke the kiss from the pleasure she was getting. “Regina!”

“Say my name, Miss Swan,” Regina said, the arousal becoming more apparent in her voice. The hand that had been on Emma’s hip moved to her breast, only covered by a tank top. She pinched her nipple ever so slightly.

“Regina…” Her voice was more jagged, less urgent this time. She removed Emma’s tank top and bit down on the nipple while thrusting her fingers inside her.

Regina started to suck on the other nipple but stopped her thrusts. She could feel Emma squirming against the wall and removed her lips from her nipple. “Is this what you want, Emma?”

Emma groaned at the loss of contact. She could feel the pressure building and didn’t want Regina to stop and nodded. “Yes.”

“What do you want, Emma?” She grabbed her neck and hip again.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said.

Regina cupped her once more, feeling her so much wetter than before. “What was that, Miss Swan?”

Emma, again attempting to gain control, grabbed Regina’s ass and said, “I want you to fuck me, Regina.”

With that, Regina smiled and removed Emma’s pants and panties. She wanted to kiss her thighs and to her very core but she knew, at least this time, she had to see Emma’s every movement. So she entered three fingers inside her as she bit down onto Emma’s collarbone. As she sensed Emma getting ever closer, she stopped the motion once more and saw Emma's blue eyes open wide.

Before Emma could say anything, Regina started rubbing her clit and Emma dug her nails in Regina’s ass, causing her to moan. It was the first obvious sign of pleasure she had let out but at this point, Regina wanted Emma to come apart in her arms.

And soon she did with Regina kissing her, forgetting for a second why she was doing this. She allowed Emma to take control of her mouth as her hands roamed all over her body. She pulled the mayor close and was about to unzip her skirt when Regina broke the embrace. Not now even as she could feel the moisture dripping down her legs and her breathing was ever so heavy.

She knew the moment Miss Swan touched her, she would lose all control. It wouldn’t take much and she would be the one coming apart. She would be showing a vulnerability she couldn’t let Emma see. Regina couldn’t let anyone see that side.

I got nobody on my side
And surely that ain't right
And surely that ain't right

Regina ran her hands through her hair, trying to straighten herself up before she continued her mayoral duties. Emma began, “Regina…”

“Thank you, Miss Swan. It’s Madam Mayor. Now, if you want to hold up your part of the business relationship, I take lunch at 1 p.m. Don’t be late.”

With that, Regina turned around and walked out, leaving Emma dumbfounded and her pants still on. The mayor went back to her house before she went to her office. She turned on the shower, allowing the cold liquid to soothe her body.

Emma was a toy but she was also so much more than that. Yet Regina wouldn’t discover what that was, not until lunch at least.

Tags: fic, once upon a time, regina/emma, swan queen

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