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Fic post!

Title: Taking Shots
Author: fierce_desea
Pairing: Meredith/Addison
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete, but could be continued.
Word Count: 1150
Spoilers: 2.24 Damage Case
Summary: Meredith and Addison meet at Joe’s, both unexpectedly alone. Full o’ angst.
Author’s Note: First GA fic. First Meredith/Addison attempt. I don’t think it’s anywhere near the quality of some of the other Meredith/Addison writers, but I still like it. I hope you do too. And comments are love. <3

The cold bottle of beer poured down into her throat, it sliding in without effort. But why didn’t she have the effort, the will to remain celibate?

Because she loved the feeling. The feeling of heat and passion running through her body, almost the same feeling as when she was in surgery.

It wasn’t just the feeling. It was the connection she had with the person. Some were just one night stands, but others, there was that connection. With George, it wasn’t a true love connection, but a strong bond of friendship and comraderie. And of course, with Derek, there was love—unlike anything she felt before.

Meredith was starting to like Finn, but not enough. And it wasn’t just because there was no sex. It was because of Derek, even after he called her a whore.

As she tried to prevent her thoughts from drifting to Derek, Addison walked in. Meredith turned away, but Addison came up to her, since she was all alone. Why did Cristina and Izzie have to leave? Well, Cristina had Burke and Izzie kind of had Denny. She couldn’t prevent them from feeling love when she had none.

“Hey Meredith,” Addison said, trying to be friendly. She didn’t really like Meredith, but dealt with her. And maybe things wouldn’t be so bad since they were alone.

“Hey,” Meredith replied, the alcohol heavy in her voice. Only then did she realize how many she had already had to drink. She also felt uneasy, not because she was sitting next to McDreamy’s wife, but because of something else.

“You know what, we never talk. Derek’s always around.” Addison was trying to break the ice- well more like iceberg. She could tell that Meredith was uncomfortable as she plastered on an obvious fake smile.

As the younger woman just sat there, not speaking, just thinking, the beautiful redhead took a shot and tried to gather her words. She wasn’t downing beers or cocktails; she was taking it fast, all at once.

Addison had come to Joe’s, expecting to be alone, but found Meredith there. She wanted to down herself into the life that she had put herself into. But it wasn’t all her fault. Most of the time, he wasn’t even trying. Then, with her green eyes, she looked at the other woman.

“When I first heard that my husband was sleeping with an intern, I hated you.” And she took another shot.

Meredith was about to say how she had hated Addison at first, but then she thought, did she still hate her? Addison was thinking similarly. Hate wasn’t indifference.

Addison continued to take shots, while Meredith kept drinking beers. They talked little, mostly about patients and other hospital business, nothing really personal.

But then Meredith finished yet another beer. She didn’t hold anything in. “When I first saw you, I hated you. Maybe even now I hate you. You took away the love of my life. You get to be around him every moment I’m not. You get to be loved by him.”

Addison was shocked to hear Meredith reveal herself, especially in front of her. But she was also angry, since it seemed obvious that Derek didn’t really love her. As she opened her mouth to reply, Meredith walked to the bathroom.

The bathroom was deserted. Meredith walked into the nearest stall and continued her crying. She always had her moments where she just broke down, but she had not expected to do so in front of Addison. The one person that she shouldn’t have.

Meredith was just going to cry until she felt that she could leave the bathroom. But then she heard the door open. She knew that it was Addison. Addison didn’t even ask if Meredith was in there, she just started talking. “I get to be loved by Derek, Meredith? Why the hell would you say that? Yeah, we have our moments where it feels like years ago when we first met, but most of the time, he’s distant. I love him so much, but he barely returns it. It’s all for you.”

Meredith opened the stall door almost in Addison’s face. “Really? Then why is he still with you?”

Addison made it so that she was within inches of Meredith, in order to get her point across. She practically had Meredith up against the wall. “He thinks he has a fucking obligation to me. I just want him to love me.”

Addison always tried not to cry, but she couldn’t help herself now. Even though their discussion was full of anger, Addison was starting to feel for Meredith now. She understood what Derek was doing to both of them. As tears still streamed down Meredith’s face, Addison tried to wipe some away. Meredith took Addison’s hand into her own, able to understand Addison better, and allowed her lips to crash upon Addison’s.

Both didn’t think about what was happening; they just let it happen. The kiss intensified, their mouths both tasting like alcohol. Addison ran her hand down Meredith’s side, especially paying attention to her breast.

Their mouths opened and closed, the passion growing at every instant. When Addison removed her lips from Meredith’s and placed them along her neck, Meredith had a moment where reason stepped in. “Should we be doing this?”

Addison stopped licking Meredith’s collarbone for a second. “Of course, we should be.” Her answer puzzled Meredith for a second, but then it made sense. They couldn’t get what they wanted from Derek, so they got it from each other.

Addison zipped down Meredith’s jeans, allowing her fingers to get inside of Meredith’s panties. When Addison touched her clit and starting to rub it in circles, Meredith buried her face into Addison’s hair, as Addison was still licking and sucking at Meredith’s neck.

Not too long after, Addison took her hand out of Meredith’s jeans to tease her, but started to kiss her again. Meredith kissed back, but soon she was whimpering for Addison to put her hand back into her pants. Instead of putting her hand back inside her pants, Addison put her right leg in between Meredith’s and started to thrust against her. Soon Meredith pushed her body into Addison’s to give them both satisfaction. Not much more time passed before both had reached their climax.

Addison kissed Meredith one last time before Meredith started to come to her senses. She knew that she had enjoyed this, but she also feared it, fearing the unknown. Once she regained most of her strength, she moved away from Addison and out of the bathroom.

Addison closed her eyes and sighed. She soon walked out of the bathroom and Joe’s and went home.

She opened the door to the trailer and lied down next to Derek, who was mostly asleep. He put his arm around her, not thinking of where she’d been and what she had done.

Zeh end.
Tags: addison/meredith, fic, grey's anatomy

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